Leaves are beautiful as they change colors in the fall. However, once they cover your lawn, they become a back-breaking menace of weekend work of raking and bagging.

It only takes a few days for leaves to harm your grass, so removing leaves quickly is important for a healthy lawn. Our professionals will completely blow the leaves from your lawn and beds, leaving your lawn completely free of leaves. There are a few significant benefits of professional gutter cleaning for homeowners. When gutters become weighed down with debris, the water is not able to drain away from your home properly. This can cause the water to overflow and move behind the gutters, entering your home and potentially causing damage and mold growth. When the gutters move off pitch because they are too full, this can also cause damage to the soffit and fascia on your home.

Professional gutter cleaning can prevent this damage, as well as the potentially expensive repair bills to your home. Let Hickory Homes & Properties do the clean up for you so you can focus on more important matters.

Leaf Removal Services
  • Blown
  • Gathered
  • Removed

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