Tree Removal Westchester NY - Signs That You Need to Remove a Tree from Your Property

Tree Removal Westchester NY - Signs That You Need to Remove a Tree from Your Property

Author: Michael Galli, Owner, Hickory Homes, Westchester County. Posted June 3rd, 2016

Aside from having to remove a tree for the purposes of building or construction, most people hesitate to remove a tree from their property. For most homeowners, it’s a difficult decision. It’s not like we are all tree-huggers, but it does feel like parting with an old friend. Trees provide us with so much from shade to food to the oxygen we breathe - they increase property value, and provide beauty. Another deterrent is that some local towns in Westchester County require permits for tree removal, which can be a time consuming process.

If one of the trees on your property looks anything other than healthy, you may need to call for tree removal service in Westchester County. A reputable tree removal company can evaluate the state of your tree, remove damaged branches, or remove the tree altogether. To help keep your family, your home, and neighboring yards safe, you need to watch for signs that indicate you may need to remove the tree.

Eventually, all trees become old and potentially diseased thus posing a risk, and should be considered for removal.

To decide whether to remove a tree, a number of questions need to be asked, and you need to make a few observations about the tree(s) in question:

The Tree’s Root System and Ground Inspection

The tree’s root system is essential to its health and stability. If you can see exposed roots that are decaying or damaged, you should have a tree expert inspect it to determine if the root structure is weakened, threatening the trees stability. A tree expert should be able to tell you if the tree has lost some or all of its structural support, and may fall at any time.

Is the Tree Leaning?

Look at the tree in its entirety and examine the tree carefully for any leaning. Some trees lean naturally. However, if you are not sure (or don’t remember) if the tree has had this lean forever and has grown this way naturally over the years or, if the lean is something new, you should contact a tree removal expert. A leaning tree may be a sign that the entire tree’s root system is dead or dying, thus weakening the tree’s stability, and the tree may soon fall over.

Inspect the Tree’s Trunk

Trunks offer the most obvious clues to a dead, rotting, sick, or infested tree. Missing bark, cracks or cavities can indicate that any of these situations exist.

Canopy Inspection

If you notice a dying branch with dead leaves or missing bark, this is usually an indication that the branch is no longer supported by the tree. Dead and damaged branches must be pruned and/or removed immediately.

If any tree on your property is displaying any of these traits, it may be at risk. You should consider hiring a local tree removal company.

Tree Removal Westchester NY

Some things to consider when hiring for tree removal services so you know the job will be done correctly, minimizing damage to your yard, your home and neighboring property as well as complying with local ordinances:

  • Does the company have valid insurance including both Liability and Workman' s Compensation
  • Are they fully licensed to work in Westchester County
  • Ask for references
  • How long has the tree company been in business
  • Are they knowledgeable on the local ordinances regarding tree removal (when are permits required, who will take care of filing for a permit)
  • Does the company take you through their process from start to full clean up/removal of tree debris?

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