Hickory Homes & Properties provides 24-hour storm service. While most tree care companies claim to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, not every company is prepared to safely handle the aftermath of a storm. Storm-damaged trees can be extremely dangerous and require highly skilled climbers to safely manage their removal. Trees often lie in precarious positions and can be tangled in other trees, structures, electrical lines, and prone to unexpected shifting. Selecting the right tree care company to assist you following a storm is a serious decision.

Consumers must be careful to differentiate between established companies that invest in safety and training, and those unreliable companies that attempt to capitalize on natural disasters. Our tree removal professionals have proudly served as a trusted partner for thousands of clients since 1986, and welcome the opportunity to serve you as well.

If a bad storm comes through your neighborhood and causes damage you can rely on us to clean it up. We have been removing storm debris safely and quickly for over 30 years.

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