So you finally have attained the pristine look your home or business deserves. Maintenance to your investment is the next step. Grubs are a major problem in August, September and October. Lawn damage can be caused by grubs feeding on roots, or by skunks, raccoons or crows digging for the grubs.

Symptoms of turf grass pest damage are often similar to the need for fertilizer. If you see yellowing or brown patches of grass and thinning areas, particularly during periods of drought, you may apply fertilizer to “green up” the damaged areas. Sometimes, the nutrient boost of fertilizer is just what the doctor ordered to restore a healthy lawn. But other times, the root of the problem truly lies at the plant roots. When lawn pests eat grass roots, yellowing or brown patches of turf and bare or thinning areas may appear. A telltale clue of the presence of underground pests is when you notice larger varmints digging in your lawn, such as birds, moles and skunks. These animals dig holes in your lawn on their quest for larval food sources.

Damage can occur almost overnight. Hickory Homes & Properties Fertilizing & Grub Control services can defend your investment.

Fertilizing & Grub Control:
  • Fertilization
  • Broadleaf Weed Control
  • Preventive Grub Control
  • and more...

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