Get more enjoyment out of your yard by trying our tick, mosquito and deer control programs

Ticks and mosquitoes are annoying and can be dangerous pests as both are carriers of very serious and potentially deadly diseases. Ticks are carriers of Lyme Disease and other serious diseases, mosquitoes deliver itchy and painful bites, often ruining outdoor activities and backyard events.

Deer, while beautiful to see outside your window, can destroy the vegetation and flowers you’ve invested time and money on to create a beautiful setting to enjoy outdoor activities. Deer can create a severe risk to your landscape; an adult deer can eat 8 to 10 lbs of vegetation, which includes flower, tree shrubs, and bushes in a single day.

Ticks, mosquitos and deer can each manage to ruin your yard and outdoor activities so it’s best to deter all three before you are enjoying your yard from inside your home.

Hickory Homes & Properties tick, mosquito and deer control programs will keep your family safe by ensuring that you will have a tick and mosquito free environment and protect your yard from being destroyed by hungry deer, making it easy to start enjoying your yard again.

Protect Your Landscape Design and you and your guests with our comprehensive Tick, Mosquito and Deer Control Application Programs!

All of our technicians are 100% Licensed and Insured. The products we use are New York State DEC and EPA approved or exempt, as in the case of Cedar Oil based control materials and natural repellents, and are safe for animals and children and are labeled for such usage.

Call for a free consultation visit and we will create a custom program for you.


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