Hickory Homes can provide aerial photography for any of your residential or business needs.

Aerial photos and videos, provided by today's drones - also known as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) - offer a refreshing look at a familiar scene. Aerial shoots are among some of the most innovative services being offered today for a variety of customers for a variety of business and residential applications in Westchester County, let alone for vacations and other special occasions.

We use the DJI Phantom 4 with a high quality video camera for spectacular, professional photos and videos for a variety of business and personal applications.

Aerial photography can add an interesting visual dimension to your sales presentations or to assist you with your business needs. Just make note that since aerial photography is a new form of ‘media’, you need to make sure that your photography complies with FAA guidelines and any other privacy restrictions.

Here are some industries where aerial photography is helping and enhancing a businesses’ services:

For real estate agents, aerial photography can enhance your listing package and can offer your buyers an aerial view of your listing property along with the standard interior and exterior photos.

Venues offering property and outdoor space for events such as weddings, large groups, meetings, etc. can include an aerial view of their space so customers can see what the location offers, what the space can accommodate and the set up.

For companies involved in construction, aerial photography offers visual options to any project for builders, land surveyors, architects, facility inspections, and insurance companies.

Aerial photography can also be a powerful tool (and help address safety issues for your staff) for power line inspection, residential and commercial roof inspection, and tree inspection.

There are many applications for aerial photography and its use is becoming more widespread.

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