Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning! - Bedford NY Landscaping

Author: Michael Galli, Owner, Hickory Homes, Westchester County. April 10th, 2017

It's finally Spring and while it's a time where spirits become uplifted and the sun is shining, there's work to be done.

Typically, we focus our spring cleaning on the inside of the house, but getting your yard ready for the new season should also be on your list.

Springtime means spending more time outdoors - sitting on your porch, coffee in the cool mornings on your patio, or kids playing in the yard. So when your 'outdoors' becomes more of the focal point of your active life you need to assess the grounds and your gardens and start your clean up.

Here's a check list of some cleaning tips for your yard and garden:

1. Remove the debris. The winter's wind, rain, and snow has most likely done a number on your trees. Start your clean up first by collecting the fallen branches, scattered sticks, pine cones and other debris. Remember to use recyclable bags. If your town doesn't pick up lawn debris on a regular basis, find out if any spring collection days have been planned or if there's a nearby drop-off location you can deliver it to. You can also save a lot of the branches and twigs for your summer's outdoor fires.

2. Rake leaves and prepare for seeding. Thoroughly rake the yard and garden beds preparing for spring seeding. Begin seeding once forsythia starts to bloom in your area – nature's way of telling you 'it's time'. In warmer climates, March is a good time to add the first application of fertilizer and crabgrass treatment. Remember to use the proper seed based on sunlight and drainage in the lawn area. Last year's leaves will make great compost, but not if they keep the grass from absorbing sunlight where dampness can set in.

3. Plan your flower garden or consider adding new landscaping. Consider location and sunlight when deciding where to place flowers or bulbs, or any new shrubs and trees. Map out where you'd like them placed on your property.

4. Prune away dead and damaged branches. Where tree or shrub branches have been damaged by cold, snow, and wind, prune back to the live stems careful not to cut those branches where bulbs are beginning to show. Rake out fallen leaves and dead foliage and branches, and pull up dead annuals. Spread fertilizer on existing plantings on the soil's surface so that spring rains can carry it down into the roots. Add fertilizer around bulbs as soon as they flower to maximize bloom time.

5. Clean up hardscape surfaces along pathways, sidewalks and patios. Rake any gravel back into aggregate walkways and patios. Use a pressure washer to remove any algae spots or leaf stains from patio and walkway surfaces. Consider painting any of these surfaces with concrete paint for a fresh appearance and contrast with ground cover.

6. Replace or paint worn wood on fences, trellises or arbors. Check for rotted wood and other damage to your fences, trellises or arbors. Scrub wood with a bleach mixture or replace sections with a wood epoxy. Sand, mend and repaint so it looks fresh for the nice weather.

A beautiful and well-maintained yard can improve the appearance of your property, and it can also increase your property's curb appeal! It can be a challenge though finding the time to take care of your lawn and landscape with your busy schedule.

Let Hickory Homes & Properties help. For over three decades, Hickory Homes & Properties has served the landscaping needs of residential and commercial clients in Westchester County, specifically throughout Bedford, Bedford Hills, Mt. Kisco, and Katonah, providing landscape design, installation and maintenance. From weekly lawn maintenance to masonry and patio work, to full custom landscape design, Hickory Homes offers a complete line of professional services to keep your property looking first-class.

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