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When a Commercial or Residential Project Requires Demolition in Westchester County NY

Author: Michael Galli, Owner, Hickory Homes, Westchester County. Posted October 5th, 2016

Demolition or 'deconstruction' has been defined as the 'orderly dismantling of a structure'. It's a phase of construction that can be exciting but there is a lot involved.

It's exciting in the sense that something new is going to be rebuilt, but there are many moving parts including upfront planning, environmental considerations, actual demolition equipment, excavating, dumpster rentals, hauling away debris, recycling, etc.

Commercial and residential demolition vary greatly in terms of scope, timing, and cost.

There are also different degrees of demolition from complete demolition or 'down to the dirt' demolition where an entire structure can be removed within a day or two, to remodeling projects or partial demolition. For partial demolition, it can take up to a week for large portions of the structure to be set up to be maintained and protected from being demolished, like the rest of your home, while other parts are torn down like an attached garage, porch or back deck, attached sunroom, etc.

Demolition doesn't mean complete destruction and throw away. There are most likely items from the debris that can be recycled. You can find quite a few materials and items that can be resold or donated for salvage. Once you find materials or items that can be recycled, equipment such as hydraulic excavators are used to tear down a house or structure, and place unwanted material into a dumpster. Then large trucks haul away debris to local recycling or salvage centers. Other, non-cycled debris will be placed in dumpsters and hauled away as well.

Planning is critical on your part and for the company you hire. Some things to consider:


You must have a clear strategy to begin with. People often find themselves removing more than what they had originally planned to. And, don't do it yourself - residentially, an architect and a framing crew will know what is best to tear down or keep.

Licensed Contractor

Locate a licensed and insured demolition contractor and you must get an estimate/proposal in writing.


A reliable contractor should know your local permit requirements and the contract should include whose responsibility it is to pay for and pull permits (if required).

Your local municipalities in Westchester including Mt. Kisco, Bedford, Katonah and surrounding towns determine the necessary permits.

Contact Utility Providers

Gas, sewer, water and electricity providers should be contacted in order to have everything disconnected prior to demolition.

Asbestos Removal

Have the house or area to be demolished, inspected for asbestos or lead paint. Learn about the procedures if asbestos is found as nothing will stop a demolition project faster than when asbestos or lead paint is found and abatement has not been planned for. Proper abatement procedures need to be followed if your home/building contains hazardous materials. Ask your contractor if they provide these services.

So aside from the planning of a new structure to be built to replace the old, which can be an arduous process working with architects and builders, the logistics of tearing down, recycle and haul away/clean up can be quite extensive.

At Hickory Homes & Properties we use top of the line equipment and can provide a reliable and fast excavation service on every job in many local towns in Westchester. In addition, whether it is hauling soil, broken concrete, rock, asphalt or general demolition debris, Hickory Homes & Properties can assist you and your contractor with all your clearing and carting needs. HHPNY offers their dumpster rental and trucking & hauling services for getting rid of demolition debris.

All material loading and hauling is done with the greatest speed and efficiency possible. We offer trucking and hauling services using our own fleet.

Our machines and equipment can handle any task for jobs both big and small, commercial or residential.

Roll off dumpsters are available for homeowners and contractors for rubbish removal and clean up. Hickory Homes & Properties dumpster rental allows you to quickly find the right size dumpster for your project, and schedule delivery all in one click from our web site.

For more information about our demolition services including excavation, trucking and hauling, and dumpster rental you can call us at 914-666-6300 or fill out the form below.

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