Driveway Paving Westchester NY - What’s the difference between asphalt and blacktop

Driveway Paving Westchester NY - What’s the difference between asphalt and blacktop, and what’s best for my driveway?

Author: Michael Galli, Owner, Hickory Homes, Westchester County. Posted July 5th, 2016

Long or Short – Driveways Add 'Curb Appeal'

The appearance of your driveway creates an immediate impression about your home. Whether it’s a long, winding road to your front door or just enough to fit one car, your driveway is essentially the path to your home and a well-kept, seamless, inviting driveway offers a welcoming message. An attractive driveway creates "curb appeal" and adds perceived value to your home.

So, it makes sense to plan your driveway carefully and continue to maintain its condition.

Truth is, driveways are not just for cars anymore. Many double as basketball courts, pitcher/catcher practice area, an extended play area, and can also be used as a work area, extending from the garage or in place of a garage.

Choosing the right material to build or repair your driveway is important and, living in Westchester County, we need to factor in the cold winters that bring ice and snow, and the spring and summers that bring rain and hot temperatures – all of which can be damaging to your driveway surface.

Blacktop vs. Asphalt

Actually, blacktop and asphalt are the same - blacktop is just another name for asphalt, and is a recommended material for paving or repairing driveways in our Westchester County area. (Fun fact: the term ‘blacktop’ originated when the conversion from all concrete roads to asphalt started, and concrete highways needing repair were "blacktopped" with an asphalt overlay)

Given its properties and ability to withstand extreme weather and extensive use, it’s the popular choice for driveways, parking lots, runways, racetracks, tennis courts, and other applications where a smooth, durable surface is required and is relatively ‘easy’ to install vs. some other material options.

With asphalt as your material of choice, your driveway will provide years of lasting service and an excellent return on the investment. While the material you chose is important, it is also to your benefit to choose an experienced paving company who will pay attention to design and proper installation.

Over time, however, your driveway will begin to show signs of disrepair: holes, multiple cracks, heaving, and other signs of distress. Avoiding repairs will only cause more damage and will be more involved and more costly to repair once you decide to. You need to find an experienced, qualified paving company that will choose the right materials and do the repair work properly to add years to your driveway.

Other Driveway Surface Options

Although most driveways in Westchester are either asphalt or concrete, there are a number of other options including crushed stone, gravel, cobblestone, brick, and interlocking concrete pavers can make for a beautiful driveway path. While pavers can be beautiful they are generally successful only in areas without snow and ice and brick, also aesthetically appealing and low maintenance, can be expensive to install.

At Hickory Homes & Properties we provide asphalt paving and masonry services with multiple years of experience. Our well-crafted paving/masonry work will look beautiful and last for decades.

To make your decision easier, we will discuss the pros and cons of each material type as well as costs, and include our own recommendations. We will take into consideration your landscape and typography of your land to make sure the driveway complements the aesthetics of your home and exterior of the property. If you have a currently paved asphalt driveway that is showing age and deterioration we will discuss our repair methods for concrete and asphalt to add years to your driveway surface or possibly sealcoat.

Our mission is to provide a skilled team of people to perform paving and masonry services with the highest quality and workmanship at prices you can afford.

We handle all aspects of installations and repairs from custom stone and brickwork to pavers, patios or any other masonry need you may have.

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